Green Acre Studio

Books for the Young & Young at Heart

On one green acre sits one square house, green with a brown roof. Outside you may see rabbits, butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.  Inside you will find a giant, fluffy white dog with droopy jowls, a red dog with a sharp snout, three temperamental cats, and a room covered in silly, colorful drawings.

This is Green Acre Studio and imagination happens here by way of pen, ink, and paint.  

Below you will find the books that are imagined here and I hope that they will delight and entertain you.  Share them with your favorite littles and others who may enjoy a bit of whimsy in their lives!

Ink and Rhyme Storytime

Lyrical & Whimsical Poetry

Ink illustrated book of sweet and fun rhymes that are engaging and delightful to read aloud. Black line art is detailed and full of character. Inside you will discover illustrations of hopping elephants, unlikely friendships, and even sleepy little moments.


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Cyril the Squirrel

Written by Sally Daugherty - Illustrated by Christina Thongnopnua

A little woodland squirrel named Cyril learns a lesson in kindness and manners when he has a bit of a rough morning. Delightfully written by Chattanooga author, Sally Daugherty and illustrated in bright watercolor brushstrokes by artist, Christina Thongnopnua, this story is a lovely addition to any child's bookshelf.


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